>If you read them, you know that my friend Jukka wasn’t lost after all, and that my cable company is kind of creepy. Like how did they know I have a blog, and how did they know I posted about them. Nice people, it seems, but still………..

Added another vid in place of ‘Eleanor’, because I could.

I am tired today. I have not been sleeping well for awhile (for ‘awhile’ read ‘ever’) and not taking knock-out pills that don’t work anyway. I am not sleepy, but I have the ‘fatigue’ that comes with ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. I’ve been lowering my Zoloft over several months, and more of the old when-I-first-got-sick symptoms seem to be getting stronger, but others are lessening. Interesting. I know if I get the dose too low I will be in constant pain. This happened before. I keep trying to get off the meds, but it apparently can’t happen without being even more incapacitated than I already am. The joys of illness, people, are greatly over-rated.

It snowed night before last, melted yesterday, snowed again last night, and there is a bit left here and there. Strange winter here in New England. Whether we are causing global warming or it’s happening naturally, something is definitely going on. Doesn’t it make sense to do what we can to not contribute, even if it is a natural occurrence?

Who watches LOST? It is getting really interesting again, after so long with me just wondering if the writers had a clue what they were doing, and was it ever going to just be over. Guess the answer to both is ‘yes’. No whiny Jack and annoying Kate this time was a good thing, too, although I’m kind of liking Jack more now. I was happy with AU Locke, too, coming to terms with his disability and being happy. Man, is Terry O’Quinn a good actor. He just dominates the screen whenever he is in a scene.

Time for lunch. Leftover pizza, one of my favs. Think I will watch a movie. “Into The Wild” is next in my netflix pile. Last one was “Lars and the Real Girl”, totally not what I thought it was going to be, strangely though-provoking, and really, just weird. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was interesting, and the video extras were pretty darn funny. The end. *grin*

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