>Oh, people……

I have sixty-six feeds in my Google Reader. Between that, email, and reading Torchwood fan fiction, I am spending my life in this chair, at this desk, with this computer. I am quite enjoying myself, since my real life is sooooooo not filled with anything at all (thank you, illness)but really….am I just hiding in my cyberworld? Do I care? Am I happy? I am. I really am. Crazy can be fun.


>Fire scares me. In Colorado, I once saw a woman being taken into the ambulance after her house burned. She looked like she had a really deep suntan. She died. When I lived in NH, there was the horrific Malden Mills fire in Methuen, Mass. I remember the story about one man that was written long afterwards. It still haunts me. Then there was the Station Fire in Pawtucket, RI. I cannot imagine. Fire. It scares me.

But fire is beautiful, as well. The post was instpired by this video:


but I had already saved some pictures of fire that are beautiful.

Fire. It scares me and it’s beautiful.