>Random Thoughts

>I don’t. So I am having random thoughts about finding a baseball bat and doing some damage to the ole pc. Well, maybe not, but why doesn’t the darn thing just work like it’s supposed to?

The latest update screwed things up. After the reboot, after everything loaded and worked for about a minute…….total freeze-up. Hard shutdown, rinse, repeat. Many times. Safe mode? HAH! Useless to me. Finally got it to do a system restore and no more freeze-ups, even after it updated and rebooted again. BUT, don’t you just love But? I cannnot download anything, and while IE and Safari load, they will not connect to anything. (One more reason I love, love, love my Firefox. It works just fine.) I just keep getting errors. Googled, Windows-Helped, did everything I can think of. It can’t even do a diagnostic. I get an error message…”We’re sorry. Something is not working and we won’t fix it or even tell you what it is so YOU can fix it.’-” Helpful, Bill. Really helpful.

Okay, now that I’ve randomly pissed myself off again, I think I’ll go read some Torchwood fan fiction. That I CAN do.