>Oh, people……

I have sixty-six feeds in my Google Reader. Between that, email, and reading Torchwood fan fiction, I am spending my life in this chair, at this desk, with this computer. I am quite enjoying myself, since my real life is sooooooo not filled with anything at all (thank you, illness)but really….am I just hiding in my cyberworld? Do I care? Am I happy? I am. I really am. Crazy can be fun.

3 thoughts on “>Oh, people……

  1. >I sincerely hope you are happy. You could teach my father how to enjoy life. He´s got Parkinson´s disease and he´s so cranky and bitter sometimes and I don´t have the patience of an angel to deal with him…

  2. >I am. Thank you. I like to think I was born with the 'happy gene'. Life isn't always easy, but I have always managed to come out of things intact. Maybe because I have learned to laugh at myself. Losing your idea of self is never easy. Chronic illness completely changes every part of your life. Everything you thought you were, your hopes, your dreams……it all goes. Every aspect of every minute of your daily life is different. Not every one can come to terms with that. But understanding why someone is cranky and bitter doesn't really make it any easier to deal with them. Do the best you can, that's all you can do.

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