>It’s Been a Good Week

>I actually cooked on Wednesday and Thursday, and Wednesday I had enough energy left to wash up the dishes afterwards. I’ve also been tidying up some here and there. Finally got the kitchen counter cleared of the big tray with meds and vitamins, a couple of vases, and some other stuff that was taking up room. Table is still a disaster, but I am sorting some papers on it, so too bad.

It’s about 3am and it’s gorgeous. Warm with a soft rain falling. My kind of night. I’m up way too late again, but that seems to be the case all the time lately. My natural sleep cycle seems to be several hours later than normal. Can’t blame it on the fibro, I’ve always been that way. I am not a morning person.

Been reading some Torchwood fan-fiction. The only other ff I’ve read is some Firefly. There are some good writers out there.

I saw that Pres Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. Like everyone else, even though I’m a fan of his, I had to ask ‘huh???’. But I guess they gave it because the tone of this administration is more about finding ways to solve problems, rather than ‘let’s just bomb the hell out of everybody’. I wish people would give him a chance to do his work, instead of just being critical and questioning everything. Where were all the naysayers and criticizers when we were being conned into going to war?
God, I hate politics. Or maybe just politicians. And right-wing nuts who spend their time fomenting hatred and unrest. Aren’t those supposed to be wrong? But what do I know? I prefer to just sit back and watch Craig Ferguson, who is in my opinion the funniest man on the planet. And hooray for Al Franken, too. A smart man on the correct side of the divide that is so relentlessly spread by the elephant party and their minions. /rant