>What Would You Do?

>The London Eye

A post from http://www.fightingfatigue.org/?p=7801 with a video of answers to that question. If you were completely well, what would you do? Needs thinking on.
I would get my apartment organized, decluttered, clean. I would get a dog. I would volunteer for things I feel passionate about. I would buy a car, renew my license, and go places again. I would visit friends without them having to come and get me and bring me home again. I would walk everywhere possible. I like walking, I just can’t anymore. Oh, the possibilities! I couldn’t go back to my old job, it’s been eleven years. I’d definitely have more fun. I’d love to go check out The Providence Zen Center. I only live a few miles away, and I’ve never been. I’d take a cruise. I’d go to Europe. I’d go to Cardiff, to see where Torchwood is set. Of course, some of these would depend on me winning the lottery first, or somehow falling into money. But most of all, I wouldn’t just sit here. It would be good. So, readers. What would YOU do?