>It seems I am going to be a Neilsen household for a week in November. Fun. I get to comment as well as record which shows I watch and boy am I gonna tell them to quit with the pop-ups and the huge logos when I’m trying to watch a show. Also, I would rather have longer but fewer commercial breaks. Watching some shows is like reading a chapter of a really good mystery and then having to read two chapters of Herbert Hoover’s biography before you can move on to the next chapter. Think they’ll listen? Yeah, me neither.

Still having pretty good days. Don’t know why, but I’m liking it. I even had my homemaker buy some winter squash and cabbage, which I am planning but not counting on having enough energy to prepare. I want to make stuffed cabbage as soon as ground turkey goes on sale, and I love winter squash. There is so much you can do with it. Cutting it is hard, though, so I have to be having a really good day, or microwave it a bit first, which I’ve never actually tried.

My homemaker is really nice. She’s fun to spend time with. She is young, with young children, and it is amazing how uninformed she is about things. She had no idea diet soda is bad for you, why you should never eat ground beef, what an acorn squash was. And that’s only the food-related things. I really like her. She asks a lot of questions and really wants to know things. Did I mention she’s fun? She is. *smile*

It’s getting colder by the day. The Neilsen guy was very friendly on the phone this morning. He said it was 90 in Florida, where he lives, and has been every day for awhile, and he is seriously considering moving back to Buffalo, NY, where he’s from. I’ve been to Buffalo, in the winter. Brrrr! I told him Massachusetts is very nice. LOL He said it didn’t used to be so hot all the time in Florida, you could have the windows open and fresh air, but now it’s a/c all the time. Unless there’s an ice age, I am never going to Florida. So!

Oh, if you want to know why you should never eat ground beef, here’s the link: