>Today I Am a Zombie

I don’t, however, eat brains. Ewww. But I have been up all night, unable to sleep yet again. If I don’t take my knock-out pill, this is what happens. Sometimes it happens even when I do take the knock-out pill. No matter what I do, what new technique I try, this just keeps on keeping on. Once a week or sometimes more. I just want to be normal. Go to bed at night, get up in the morning, have my life during the daytime, with, you know, sunshine and all that.

I am usual pretty much non-functional when this happens. I make coffee, but forget the water. I put the beans in the bottom of the grinder instead of in the grinder cup. I forget to put a cup under the drip thingy when I use that pot. I drop things. I forget things. Mostly I stay on the couch with the laptop. It keeps me from doing too much damage to myself, my apartment, or the cat.

Sometimes though, I can’t sleep for days at a time. The longer I’m awake, the better I feel, until I finally crash and sleep for 14 hours or more. The whole sleep thing does get frustrating, and just makes the problems from fibro-cfs that much worse.

On the other hand, and there is always another hand (little humor there), I found this neat blog while I was reading. It’s fun if you’re a book lover, and possibly even if you’re not. Here’s the link:


Here’s another: