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Woo Hoo. He signed. The START Treaty was ratified. Food Safety. There’s more. Our elected reps did the right thing. My Republican Senator crossed party lines and did the right thing, much to my surprise. I seriously underestimated him. It seems that personal conscience trumped party lines. That is such a great thing, especially since the Republican party line is so negative and so detrimental to the 99% of the country who are NOT their wealthy cronies. Sometimes I feel like they are trying to wipe the rest of us out of existence, so the fact the so many of them did the right thing for the country really makes me proud. I still won’t vote for them, but…..

ITEM 2: Here’s a link to another blog roll from the same folks who presented the top 50 Fibro blogs:


Okay, little update here. Apparently a filibuster is NOT what we saw in Mr. Deeds Goes To Washington. Senators don’t actually have to stay there and talk to maintain a filibuster. This is just wrong. If it’s important enough to block, it should be important enough to stand there and tell us why for as long as you are blocking it. So here’s a petition to change that: