>It Was A Cold And Sunny Day

Still is, actually. It’s 19 degrees F. It’s only 9 am. Up all night yet again. So the doctor gave me a new med, since I now have high blood pressure to go along with the other fun things. I googled the medicine, and apparently I’m not supposed to take it with Zoloft, my knock-out pill, or most of the pain-meds I use. So what am I supposed to do? Called doctor, waited all day, office person called and said to have my potassium levels rechecked. My levels were fine last week. What I wanted to know was what to do about the med interactions. Do people not listen when you talk? Do they use selective hearing?

I am also in a lot of pain from my ‘broken’ leg, which pain has of course referred itself to the entire rest of my body. Leg is only broken in the sense that I can’t really walk on it, and have been hobbling around for a week. Gee, maybe I should see a doctor. Okay, yes. I’m tired, cranky, in pain, and just fed up with the whole body not working right thing. FED UP!!

I do try. Really, I do. It is what it is. All I have to do is live with it as best I can. That works. Then, like every medicine I’ve ever taken for this, it doesn’t. I have found that just putting it down in black and white on this blog helps with my frame of mind, if not my symptoms. So whine, whine, whine. Okay. I’m done.