Okay, I love the map with the pretty sparklies on it. So I made it bigger. Actually, you can choose it on the main page.

Feeling better. Actually think my leg may be improving slightly. The rest of me isn’t doing too badly, either. If I could just break my addiction to this laptop and get up and do something, I’d probably be even better than that. Got up at 1:30 after being up very late (5am?) due to caffeine yesterday afternoon. Been sitting here ever since. God, I am a slug. But there is so much to read and learn on the computer, and it doesn’t take all my energy, and it doesn’t hurt. So there.

Speaking of learning, here is Google’s newest really neat thing:


Put in your words and see what happens. I love Google. I use a lot of their services, so I’m really hoping that they’re NOT evil after all, but it’s not looking good.

Off to find some food. I forget to eat quite often, you’d think I’d be thin. You’d be wrong.