>Well Hello


I have been added to this:


I am surprised. Kind of pleased, kind of nervous. This is the second spot to recognize my blog. Here’s the first:


Does not mean I am going to change anything. I write what I write. It’s not all about illness, because I am not all about being ill. I am about life. Living it, loving it, getting the most out of it that I can with my limitations. Taking each day as it comes, dealing with what that day brings, moving on to the next day. It’s how I survive being mostly alone, being fatigues, being in pain. Deal with what’s there and never anticipate tomorrow. Works for me.

So thanks to those acknowledging my blog and seeing something of value there. Sometimes I think I’m only blogging for myself, but I know people read it, they just don’t comment. Or maybe Blogger won’t let them. Whatever. I just hope somebody gets something out of it, whether it be a laugh, some insight, whatever. It’s a good thing.

Guess that means I have to update my tags now.