>Well, it turns out people with fibro should not attempt to sleep on a futon mattress on the floor. Ouch! So I transferred my not-so-little self to the new sofa. After unsuccessfully arranging myself and pillows and blankets one way, got up and tried a different way. Relative success, although I did wake up with my neck in an awkward position. I’ll feel that later. Oh, and did I mention that the entire night Gertrude was talking to me? “Meow?” in your ear all night is not conducive to sleep, either. I did finally zonk out, only to wake up right before the 8 o’clock horn blasts from the firehouse to the sound of Gertrude making strange noises in her sleep. I think she has bad dreams, poor baby. Then the cell went off. Since it was across the room and I was tired, I opted not to get up and turn off the alarm. Turns out the cell alarm beeps every five minutes for half an hour. So then I gave up and got up. Tonight should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “>Sleep

  1. >Ouch. You know, I was worried about this for you. I never slept so good as I did on the poofiest, pillowiest bed I’d ever seen, in a hotel on Hilton Head Island, of all places. I’ve tried to recreate that bed ever since.

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