>It’s been quite a week

>I’ve lost track of the days, but since early this week, I have had a total of about 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep. I was up for forty hours, slept a short time, tossed and dozed a short time, and have been awake since 4:30 am yesterday morning. It’s 3pm now. I am so tired I am loopy, but I am wide awake. I’ve tried sleeping. I’ve tried Benadryl. I’ve tried Zanaflex, the one that’s almost guaranteed to knock me out. Nothing. Not sleeping is making me anxious. Anxiety is keeping me awake. Not sleeping is causing more pain and restless legs. Pain and restless legs are keeping me from sleeping. I am fine with it, which is even weirder. I mean I am more functional than a lot of days when I have slept. I do love my chronic, debilitating, make you crazy illnesses. Tonight I am taking an Atavan. It is an anxiety pill so I hope it works. I originally was prescribed it as a sleep aid, and for the first month of taking it, I went to sleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. Then nothing. No effect at all. I’ve taken it off and on since, but it doesn’t work well anymore. So now it’s been maybe ten months or more since I’ve taken it. Maybe my adaptation to it has worn off. Otherwise, I am going to hit myself over the head with something heavy once I get into bed.