>Title? What title?

>I must have been tired, cause I slept til 1pm from about midnight. My cell alarm for lunch woke me up. LOL I am tired, and achy and foggy, but I have a goal, which is get ready for new couch, the one scheduled to come on Monday. So I have incentive to do things in spite of how I feel. That’s a very good thing, because usually, I tend to slug when I don’t feel that great. It’s already looking better in here. I have a plan now, and can visualize how I want things to be, which part of my brain had burned out several years ago. It has sprung from the ashes, like the Phoenix. I am really excited about getting the couch. If I can just figure out how to keep Gertrude from shredding it, which except for declawing, I can’t think how. I don’t believe in declawing, so could someone maybe knit me a chain mail couch cover? It could work, right? LOL