>Well, it turns out people with fibro should not attempt to sleep on a futon mattress on the floor. Ouch! So I transferred my not-so-little self to the new sofa. After unsuccessfully arranging myself and pillows and blankets one way, got up and tried a different way. Relative success, although I did wake up with my neck in an awkward position. I’ll feel that later. Oh, and did I mention that the entire night Gertrude was talking to me? “Meow?” in your ear all night is not conducive to sleep, either. I did finally zonk out, only to wake up right before the 8 o’clock horn blasts from the firehouse to the sound of Gertrude making strange noises in her sleep. I think she has bad dreams, poor baby. Then the cell went off. Since it was across the room and I was tired, I opted not to get up and turn off the alarm. Turns out the cell alarm beeps every five minutes for half an hour. So then I gave up and got up. Tonight should be interesting.

>The Futon Frame

>is lovely, but it arrived with one pull-up shelf on the arm broken, no directions, and most of the hardware missing. So putting it together is on hold, but the old bed is GONE HOORAY and I will be sleeping on the futon on the floor til the bits and pieces arrive. My friends spent the entire day clearing out the bedroom and the packing for the futon and the sofa, and rearranging my computer/office setup. Then we went to dinner. A good day over all. I have really, really good friends.