>More sleep

>I had a good night thanks to the atavan, and an even better day. Walking is still difficult, but I had some energy and actually got some things done. Cleared a space on the cart for the microwave and found places for the groceries that were on it. Cleaned up the kitchen. Moved the table over (with help) and cleared up the clutter, Moved the hall table to the bedroom so when the couch I ordered from Overstock comes, they can get it in here. It comes in three boxes so it will fit through the door, but it still need the room in the hallway. Can’t wait for it to get here. Then today, having another bout of fiscal irresponsibility, I ordered a futon frame for the bedroom. I have a futon mattress on my bed, but my bed is o.l.d. and not very comfortable and takes up too much room in the small bedroom. So it is going and the futon is coming in. I will have room for my ellipse and maybe my desk, too. I am determined to declutter this disaster and am doing what I can, when I can. Later tonight, walking will again be ‘interesting’ I think, but it was worth it.

My homemaker came today and did a great job cleaning, and carried out all the detritus from decluttering without complaint. She is a good homemaker. A good day all around. And LOST tonight.

1 thought on “>More sleep

  1. >I am soooooooooooooooo tired of cleaning the frickin’ kitchen that I could scream.Just sayin’. *L*Our bed is hideous; I have no idea how old it is and you can feel all the springs even through the blanket I have under the sheet.

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