I love that word. I had a good one. Saturday, that is. I was invited to a friend’s for a birthday dinner. First we spent the afternoon in the yard as they cleaned out the flower beds and such. I helped plant some tulips from a pot of them that was going past it’s prime. It spattered rain here and there, birds sung, breeze blew, dirt smelled wonderful, grass was spongy. Then we played a computer game, had my favorite dinner ever, steak on the grill cooked by John, had a lovely chat, played another game, and home. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Today is my actual birthday, and my present from me to me is the couch that is scheduled to be delivered today. It’s from my favorite store, Overstock.com. I’ve got the living room all ready for it, and my friends offered to come over Thursday and put it together if need be. It comes in three boxes so it will fit through doors. I am excited. I haven’t had a sofa in ten or eleven years. I will be able to lie down in the living room and watch tv instead of having to go into the bedroom when I am too fatigued to sit up. Yay, and hooray.

Gertrude doesn’t know what to think. The living room doesn’t look at all like she’s used to it looking, and the bedroom is overrun with clutter at the moment. She’s very, very cautious when she comes out from under the bed where she lives. Poor girl. She’ll get over it, without shredding the couch, I hope.

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