>Proud and Appalled

>I am both right now. Proud because even though I’ve been up all night, I got dressed and went out. I walked the half block to the post office and back. I sat on a bench for a few minutes on the way back. It’s chilly and the wind has a little bite, but it was great to be outside at 9am. I’m usually asleep at that time.

Appalled because it took me a while to convince myself to go out, and before I even got my coat on my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. Mind you, I don’t usually go out alone anyway, and since my friend Tess has been under the weather for about a month, I haven’t been out at all. I have issues. What can I say? The worst part is, however, that I have been inactive for so long, that not only was walking very painful, I was huffing and puffing and am close to exhausted now that I’m back home.

So. I hereby declare that I am going to go out when walking is possible (no ice), and use my ellipse when I can’t go out. I will post here daily to brag about my success. How’s that for positive thinking?

Usually what happens when I resolve to do something, I seem to go into a flare and am incapacited for a long period of time. But barring that, I AM going to follow through. Watch me.

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