>Sleep..it’s not on the agenda

>I’ve been up since 7am yesterday. It’s 8:30 am now. Was very tired and ready for sleep at 11 last night, but once in bed I was wide awake. I hate when that happens, and it happens a lot. I wish someone would come up with a cure for at least the sleep issues that accompany fibro/cfs. Anyway, I am expecting to be quite foggy today, and will probably fall asleep in time to miss Galactica. Fortunately, it’s replayed in the On Demand free section. Or I can watch it online, I think, but it’s more comfortable to watch from the recliner than from the desk chair. Gertrude thinks so, too, cause she sits on my lap when I’m in the recliner, but not when I’m using the desk chair. Off to have my coffee. Caffeine….it’s a good thing. Before I forget, here’s the White House blog site, if anyone is interested.


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