A Couple of Things

On here: thebacklot meme

Not a big fan of some things that have gone on in Ireland, but the anti-marriage equality people demonstrated some real class in their loss. Then there is quite a bit about the Duggars, and the way we do things in America if you have connections or are a celebrity. It does disgust. Seriously.

Update:  Another side to the Duggar business.  I am torn, because the people surrounding the first bit I posted are scum, but this person puts out a logical argument for consideration regarding Josh Duggar.  Not Christian, not religious, but I kind of agree with her on this.  At what age do you become mature enough to understand the true consequences of your actions?  It seems they did the right things by reporting it, etc., what else could they have done besides not be complete hypocrites later on?  Opinions, anyone?


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