Midnight-Oil-Credit-Andrej-LugezSo I’m listening to Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning
whose lead singer I’ve read is now the Environmental Minister in Australia, well done you.  Anyone, they sing, “Let’s give it back.” and I’m thinking, “Like that would ever happen.”  Angry, cynical me.  I don’t really have a personal reason.  I mean, I have a really good life, in spite of my illness. I have a decent place to live, enough food, medical care.  Everything I need.  I just keep reading about all the shit humans do to one another, and the crap corporations pull, and the morons in Congress, and it just makes me furious.  Not sure what to do about that, except never go on line, and “Like that would ever happen.”  😉  So sorry, people.  Don’t mean to be a dick.  It’s just frustrating.

On a bright side, I downloaded iTunes on my pc, since I never use my macbook, and I don’t have an ipod or anything.  Great sound, and you can set it so things play at the same sound level so there’s no turning the sound up and down continuously, which drives me crazy.  Er.  Crazier.  It’s a joke.  Duh!

I am making lovely chicken stuff for dinner.  Thighs, carrots, potatoes, wine, chicken broth, rosemary.  It is smelling heavenly.  I’m cooking.  Yay, me.

2 thoughts on “Woah!

  1. Was the environment minister, in the last government. Unfortunately, his ministering wasn’t as good as his singing, but we now have one who’s much much worse…
    PS that chicken sounds nice. We’re just about to head out for dinner, have been travelling to my sister’s wedding. That’s over (it was great!). Bit more travelling, then we’re back off home.

    • Too bad he was crap. You live in Hobart, if I remember correctly. There are some amazing New Zealand pictures here, on page 2. http://the-earth-story.com/
      You have lavender fields? I wish we had lavender fields where I could visit them. I love lavender. Chicken dish is good, and easy. I need easy. I don’t eat meat a lot, but sometimes a nice hot comfort meat dish is just the ticket.

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