Parks And Recreation

image from from huffington postSo I want to talk about this show. I never watched it on regular tv, but now I am doing mini-marathons on Netflix. I thought it was kind of lame at first, but I am into the third season and I am loving it. It occurs to me that if I had watched it on regular tv, with waiting and waiting and waiting through innumerable commercial breaks, and waiting for a week to go by for the next episode, or months for the next season, I would never have stuck with it. You can only really appreciate it when you see it as one entity, I think. This has nothing to do with anything, but it came to me while I’m sitting here pretending to myself that yes, I am awake after being up all night and then sleeping for about three hours this morning. Feel free to ignore this post. 🙂

This: 2 percent milk

is from here:
Andy Dwyer Quotes

I don’t either, Andy.

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