Free Speech

“The suggestion that opposition to same-sex marriage has been silenced due to bullying rings untrue. Instead, the opposition wants to speak without having to encounter a response. That isn’t free speech. Free speech is not speech without consequence or response. Free speech does not provide a platform from which others must only listen.”

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So he seppuku’d himself on a door bolt, you say?

The last bit, especially.

A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself

Following the funeral riot

The Washington Post reported

that an unnamed prisoner in police custody

claimed that Freddie Gray’s nearly severed spine

battered face & crushed larynx

were self-inflicted injuries,

presumably so he could frame them for police brutality

by not being physically capable of accusing anyone of anything

because he crushed his own larynx.

In other news,

The Baltimore Elementary Gazette reported

“Riot Police Injure Selves By Raucously Head-Butting Inexplicable Soaring Rocks.”

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Just read that the six policemen have been charged with murder. It’s about time this shit was taken seriously by TPTB. It makes me so sad to have to accept that this is my country today. Police are meant to look after us, help keep us safe, not use their positions to persecute, and apparently, murder us. It is an accident of birth that I am white. It does not make me superior to anyone else on the planet. In a just world, it would only mean that I am more prone to sunburn, not that it gives me license to persecute those who do not look like me, believe what I believe, eat what I eat, whatever. Someone just Tumblr’d that hamburg thing where the wrapper was different but the burger inside was exactly the same, to make the point. Get the point, people. Please. Get the point.