aeb8I finally, finally found something that actually worked for getting back to FF 28. It updated back to 30. Tried again, made sure to check ‘never check for updates’ in the settings. It updated to 30. Seriously, Firefox? What is up with that? I have been fanatical about Firefox for a long time, because EXTENSIONS. But you cannot jerk around with me against my will and expect me to stay loyal. I am checking out alternatives. Chrome now has some of the extensions I use most, and they work as well, so I may just give up and go for it. I do sometimes worry about Google’s ‘let us into every aspect of your online life without really telling you what’s going on’ policy, so I’m pretty sure there’s a google clone out there that avoids that. Like there is Duck Duck Go instead of google search. DDG does not track your every move like google does.

I know, who cares about privacy. If you don’t have anything to hide, why does it matter? Because it’s one of your basic human rights, and once it’s gone, have fun getting it back, people. Just because google (or the NSA) may only be using your info to get even richer (‘keep you safe’), does not mean that someone with poor ethics won’t get hold of your info and use it for nefarious (good word, right?) ends. I think it was Franklin who said, “If you give up your freedom to be safe, you will have neither freedom nor safety.” Same goes for privacy, I think.

Well bah, humbug, Firefox.

3 thoughts on “Firefox

  1. I use Chrome and DuckDuckGo, too. šŸ™‚ I tried one called Aviator, which is supposed to be the most secure browser out there, but Google doesn’t work on it well, I can’t drop and drag things…it’s really secure, but drags, too. I use it for some things, but mostly go with Chrome. It also uses Chrome’s extensions, too.

    • Read about Aviator, but decided to give it a pass. I haven’t switched completely to Chrome, as there are some things I do on FF almost every day that I cannot do on Chrome. So much frustration, isn’t there? Why don’t they leave things alone if they’re not broken? Sheesh! šŸ™‚

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