Received an invite to my friends Beth and John’s anniversary celebration. They are my best and oldest friends. Doesn’t that sound like they must be ancient. My oldest friends. Why do we say that? They are the friends who have been in my life longer than any other friends I am in constant contact with is waaaay too long, I guess. Anyway, it’s in August, and I of course said yes I’ll come, but how can I know that until the actual day it’s happening? Chronic illness=not planning ahead. Oh, well.

I am sitting here drinking an entire bottle of chardonnay. Not that much, really. Four glasses is all that is. Anyway, I was feeling lonely and crappy and I am not able to sleep again, so why not? Up all night last night, which is happening again much too often. I was doing so well.

I have been reading craft blogs. Oh, I want to make things. I just have to do it, is all. Relatively happily buzzing Jean is done. A-little-Tipsy-houseland-13712597-750-600

Infographic about Fibro

Sent to me by Skylar Jameson (or Skylar Jameyson, it’s spelled both ways in the email) who asked me to post it. It seems harmless enough, I couldn’t find anything bad by googling, so here it is. I don’t have all these symptoms, thank goodness. Mine are mainly pain, fatigue, sleep and cognitive disorders. I did register all eighteen tender points when I was first diagnosed. There was a lot of ‘Ow! Ow! Ow1’ going on, for which the doctor apologized every single time. That was funny. It does puzzle me that if there is something wrong with me, why isn’t it wrong with me all the time? Why do I have days (not often, it’s true, but still…) when I feel nearly normal, and can do normal person things? My arm is broken today, it’s not broken tomorrow, then it’s broken again next week? How does this work, people? Anyway, here’s the graphic: