No? Really?

No one out there knows about the Firefox thing? Well, darn.

I have decided that I am going to ask my friend for explicit details about the anniversary party. I have issues, you know, so I really want to know what is the plan for getting me there and back, where am I going to stay, who is going to be there (I don’t do well with crowds or lots of people I don’t know. It’s stressful, and then I suffer later.) What should I wear? What is her plan for me? She always has a plan. Organization is her middle name, I swear. She thinks of everything. When she came to my house for a funeral of a loved one, she brought dinner. Dinner that she cooked right there, and she even brought the salt and pepper. Just in case. Wow, I wish I was half that organized, or able to think/plan ahead. Or that thoughtful.

It has been gorgeous, gorgeous weather. It’s been a good year so far, weather-wise. We’ve not been too hot, nor had any severe weather, winter was winter, not some pale imitation. Like snow, you know. I like snow. Winters with little to no snow don’t count, in my book. Some years have been like that. Last year, for example. When I first moved here fourteen years ago, we had big storms, with blowing snow and huge drifts, and it was winter. Then it sort of tapered off. This year was better, but nothing like before. Then, some years, I’ve had to have the a/c on in May. For days at a time. Haven’t needed it yet this year. Makes me happy. I may have mentioned ten or twenty times that I do not like hot and sticky. Not at all.

I got a new Roku. My old one would not connect anymore, no matter what I tried. I like the new one. Nicer, easier, etc. It comes with earbuds. Earbuds for your tv. Great idea. One would think they would plan for you sitting on the couch, though. The earbuds are only long enough to sit maybe three feet from the tv. Useless? I think so. But a nice idea. Anyway, I can watch Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and all those weird stations that Roku provides. I was missing that. I can also find stations and such on my Nexus 7. There’s an app for that. Watching things on a Kindle Fire is doable, but not as relaxing as watching on the tv. Remember it was bigger, bigger, bigger for awhile. 60″ plasma tvs. Oh, yeah. Now it’s smaller, smaller, smaller. Look, this screen fits on my thumbnail. I can watch tv on it. Riiiiight. I do not understand this at all. I really cannot watch regular tv anymore. I am so over commercials. Do you realize that 20 minutes of every hour you spend watching tv is someone trying to sell you something. One third of every hour. One third of every half-hour sitcom. I get we are the consumer nation, but it gets so old having ads everywhere, all the time. Makes me not want to buy anything. Oh, reverse psychology. It’s working on me. Not as they intended, I don’t think, though.

I am tired and achy and going to couch now. I love my Kindle Keyboard. Really, it’s the perfect thing for lazing on the couch. Easy to hold, easy to read things on. I love it. Off to do that lazing thing now.

2013-12-12 00.12.54Gertrude lazing on the couch with me this winter.

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