I love science

Came across this on another blog:


The video in the post is just great. How can you not love science, when this happens? Made me laugh.

Health update, sort of. My life has turned upside down. Instead of many, many, many (a lot more manys) not good days, with the very rare relatively good day, I have been having the exact opposite for a week or so. Many good days interspersed with a not good day or two here and there. Like yesterday and today. Bah! I cannot tell you how many things I have got done. Well, I could, but you would be bored to tears, but I did them! I have gotten more done this past week than in the past several years put together, including moving light furniture by myself. What?

What has changed? I added magnesium citrate, which isn’t the kind I was taking before, alpha-lipoic acid, and the butter coffee. I did mention the butter coffee, didn’t I? Is it one of these? Is it any two? Is it all three? I have no clue, but I am not complaining, just reveling in being able to mostly get things done. So in addition to the three things I mentioned, I am taking a magnesium/zinc/calcium pill, a calcium pill, 4000 IUs of D3, and just added a B-12. Sounds like a lot of pills, especially when you add in the scrips, but really not that bad. I am lucky to usually get in two ‘meals’ a day, and just divide them between. I am trying to eat more often, since nurse said my metabolism was virtually non-existent since being bedridden and/or housebound most of last year. Movement matters, people. When you can, do. Trust me on this. RunningIantoRunning Ianto is running.

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