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minimumwageblack hawkI’ve been thinking about this minimum wage thing. People are demanding that it be higher. OMG, who do they think they are, those poor? Well, fifteen (yes, fifteen) years ago, I had a job that paid 7.50 an hour. I could not live on that. Me, single, no children at home, could not live on 7.50 an hour. Are the costs of living the same as they were fifteen years ago? I don’t think so. Why are we so reluctant to treat our fellow humans with the respect and dignity we demand for ourselves? Why is it so hard to give ALL of us a living wage, and decent health care? Someone said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its least fortunate members. How do you think we do, United States of America?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way things are going in the world today. So much hate and bigotry and homophobia and persecution and bullying and all the other horrible things I read about every day. I think people are scared. Back in the 70’s there was a book called ‘Future Shock’ in which the author theorizes that technological change will come so quickly that people will not be able to adapt. I think that is what is happening. Not just technological change, but that makes every thing seem more immediate and brings it right into your face, but societal change. Populations are moving to new countries, changing the balance of culture mores, things that were previously seen as unacceptable are becoming the norm, the belief in a particular religion and its High Priests has been seen to be ill-informed, as those very Priests are seen to be not so much in touch with their god as they are flawed and imperfect mere men. And it’s always men. How many female High Priests have YOU come across? Religion teaches you not to think for yourself, but to blindly follow what someone else has told you to follow and believe. Live according to someone else’s perception of the world. It’s kind of like ‘my country, right or wrong’ thinking. If my country is Nazi Germany, should I still follow that line of thinking?

Anyway, the world is changing, and that scares people, and what do humans do when they are scared? They lash out, they look for scapegoats (read your history), they persecute those they see as threats to their comfort zone and way of life, who they see as ‘different than’ their own insulated ideas of what the world should be, they use all the coping mechanisms that scared, uninformed, uneducated people use to attempt to keep their world as they know it. This scares me. Any ideas of how to fix the world would be extremely helpful, dear readers.

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