It Matters Who You Vote For

You know how I’m always saying that? Here’s why:

(Copied from The Daily Kos)

“House Republicans just passed an outrageous bill cutting food stamps by $40 billion and kicking 3.8 million people out of the program by 2014.

The Senate already passed a bill cutting food stamps, but House Republicans just took it *ten times* further. Under their proposal, over 1.7 million people will lose food stamps this year, another 2.1 million next year, and even more in the following years.

House Republicans know these cuts aren’t going to become law—they are using their psychotic proposal to try and pressure the Senate into make even deeper cuts than the ones they already passed.”

There are more disgusting, reprehensible human beings, but still…. Did you vote these men into office? Are you ashamed of yourself yet? Do you plan to vote them out of office next time, or do you choose to align yourself with these horrific excuses for human beings? Yes, I am really, really angry. Starving children used as political weapons. Nothing new here, folks.

Update from The Washington Post:
Who Voted For and Against The Bill

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