Google Plus, An Opinion

Not that I AM opinionated, you understand, but…

So I never look at google plus, even though I have it.  Until yesterday.  Messing about, decided to check it out, started scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling ad infinitum.  This is an efficient use of my time and internet?  Who thought this was a good idea?  So I was thinking about it today and here what I came up:

It’s not my idea of a user-friendly interface for communication.  It’s like Tumblr, but Tumblr is just for seeing what other people post about Torchwood, Gareth David LLoyd, and John Barrowman mainly, not for socializing. (Little inside joke there, people) Google plus looks to me like a time sink, is all.  Hundreds of posts, saying almost nothing.  Not anybody in particular, just everything on there.  It’s like some people’s Twitters.  “I am off to the store.”  And you feel the need to share this with the world because??????   I guess I am a social site dinosaur.  They seem kind of stupid and self-promoting, is all.  Kind of like language-not-picture based selfies.  I don’t need to know what anybody anywhere is thinking, feeling, doing, every second of every day.  Blog if you have something to contribute, otherwise, keep it to yourself.  Like people did for all of human history.  Yeah, I think google + annoyed me, what do you think?   LOL  Let’s all be narcissist, and convince ourselves that the world really cares about the minutiae of our every moment.  I don’t think so.    Update:  My own blog posts show up in Google plus.  Did I do something to make that happen?  Does it invalidate my whole opinion post?  Do I need more coffee?narcissistic

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