This is Good

You could watch the vid and read the comments.  I did.

Lies-The Video

It got me thinking, and that can never be good.  I often wonder why the right-wing tea-partiers and their ilk cannot seem to get that allowing religion to dominate government is exactly what has resulted in the Taliban and the fanatics here and in the Middle East.  I just don’t understand.

The comments with the vid above got me wondering if I am the only one who sees a similarity in Germany blaming the Jews for all their problems and certain factions in my country blaming poor and disabled people for all of their problems, and their inability to see that the rich one-percent are behind the teaparty et al, and they are not doing it for our benefit.  I just don’t understand.

We used to be proud that we were not like ‘them’, now we seem to revel in the same ideas we once condemned.  I just don’t understand.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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