What Can *I* Do?

Not a lot, but I can sign petitions and try to make my readers aware of the issues I think matter. Here is one:

Stand Up For Your Freedom

I hope you read, watch, sign, do what’s right.

I’ve long been anti-deregulation, blaming Reagan for a huge chunk of the problems we all face today. It was down to him that we have so many homeless people, people who should be in long-term care, or getting needed help from resources funded by our taxes. By ‘our’ I mean all of us, including that wealthy 1 percent who’ve had their taxes cut, and can afford expensive lawyers to find loopholes so they don’t have to pay taxes at all. Remember, they got rich on the backs of the rest of us. The people who do the actual work in this country. The other 99 percent. Please participate in democracy, people. It’s the opportunity thousands of men and women have died in war to give us. Use it.

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