Oh, the poor trees. We didn’t get a lot of snow, an inch or so maybe. But it was wet and heavy and the wind was wild. The snow was blowing up, down, left, right, swirling, all seemingly at the same time. It was gorgeous. But the poor trees. The one that lost a branch to the big rain/wind storm a few weeks ago, lost another huge branch to the snow. All of the trees were mashed down, like a big hand was pressing on them. They were a bit raggedy before, but now they just look shredded. There is a big gap where the branch used to be, and I can see more of Tedeschi’s than I ever wanted to, thank you very much. If the tree devastation keeps up, pretty soon I will ONLY see Tedeschi’s. All those beautiful flowers in the spring will be gone. Breaks my heart even to think about it. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

Here’s a vid I came across about Occupy Wall Street, sort of. I like this guy. “Just because you’re immoral doesn’t mean you’re infertile”. Made me laugh. Check it out.

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