Freezing Jean is Freezing

Woke up freezing this morning.  Yes, I said morning.  Sleep is getting back to a more livable schedule, for however long it lasts.  Closed the windows and fired up the electric fireplace.  We’ve been having rain every day for several days now, but this is the first really cold night and day.

I am feeling relatively well, too.  Not so much pain, although brain fog has made itself known the past three days.  Okay so far today.  I think it’s allergies.  I hope.  I’ve been enjoying not being foggy since I started the new med last….wow, last October, I think  it was.  A whole year of no brain fog.  Yay, me.

I am planning to cook again.  Chili, this time.  Haven’t made chili in years.  I am using ground turkey, since I don’t eat beef.  Looking forward to it.  It’s good weather for hot and comforting food.  Brrrr.  Still freezing, even with the fireplace and a sweater.

Has anyone really noticed a difference in the normal weather?  Here in New England it felt for a bit like we’d moved down south with all the heat and humidity in September.  September is not for heat and humidity.  Then day after day of off and on rain.  Also not normal.  It will be interesting to see what the winter brings.

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