Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon? I love Amazon a lot. A real lot.

The pain has been winning lately, and I upped my Zoloft by 25 mils two nights ago. Feeling better in general, less negative than I had been, but so far it hasn’t helped the pain at all. I can barely walk a lot of the time, even with the cane. And tonight, I almost fell down. Tripped on my own feet, fell against the desk and onto the desk chair. Lucky I was close to them. That hasn’t happened before, the falling. A bit upset about it, mainly because the people who keep tabs on me so I get to have a homemaker always ask me that. Have you fallen? No. Well, almost. God, I hate being sick.

Gertrude and I are just vegging on the couch. I made pizza for dinner and it’s almost time for bed if I expect to get up at a decent hour. Ha. Like that ever happens.

My friend Tess is back from vacation and came over today. We played Big Kahuna, that crazy word game that always leaves us laughing like idiots. We’re hoping I will be ambulatory on Thursday so we can go to lunch. We haven’t gone to lunch in a long time. Now that her husband is retired and home all day, we don’t do nearly as many things as we used to. Neither of us have been all that well, anyway. Oh, well.

It seems we are finally done with hot and sticky. Took long enough. It’s windows closed time, as it gets pretty chilly at night, and not that much warmer during the day in here. Guess that’s all.

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