Something I have that it has been decided is no longer a thing, it seems. Anyway, been checking out some vids about it, and I absolutely have it, which I already knew from tests I took several years ago. It explains so much about my life. Good to know things.

We have gone from summer to it’s darn cold in here. Wind is from the NNW, so is blowing straight in my windows. Time to close them. Darn. More isolation. I have had a not great week after my spectacularly fun Monday. Story of my life. One good day in a row is something I used to have quite often, but it has been a very long time between the last one and Monday. So over this.

Yeah, feeling kind of negative today. Tired, in pain, apathetic in a way. Want to have something to eat, but can’t even get myself up to get to the kitchen and see that there is nothing there that is just edible without doing any prep work first. Bah.