It’s the first day of meteorological autumn. My favorite season.

My brain is still drain. Not sure why. Am getting out more, being around people more. Not good for thinking? LOL I am thinking, though. Thinking I am getting concerned again about the virus. I am torn between wanting to go out and have lunch and shop and whatever, but my friend that I go places is with has become rather cavalier about safety, and does a lot of things with others where no masks are worn. We and her husband are all vaccinated, but we can still get sick and/or make others sick. I think if I get sick again, I may not survive it. I’m not saying I had the virus the first time I was sick, but my symptoms were similar, and I am still not recovered over a year and a half later. Go out, have a life/risk death. Some choice.

DD came down a couple of weeks ago, and we also went to lunch, but at a place with outside dining and fans blowing outside air past us. She is adamant about safety measures. Makes me happy. I see so many people not wearing masks in stores. Unless I am actively eating, I wear my mask all the time. I am starting to dread winter, being shut in and alone again, with dark days and nobody to talk to. Bah. Also, humbug. It is what it is, and I will get through it. I always do. If I don’t get sick. 😦