I keep reading about people not getting vac’d due to this, that, or the other reason. Religion, body autonomy, whatever. Fine. Don’t get vaccinated (or wear a mask) if you think it’s not right for you. On the other hand, don’t go out. Don’t put yourself in proximity of anyone else. Your rights end when they intrude on the rights of others to not die of a preventable illness because YOU don’t want to get vaccinated or wear a mask. Your right to spout hate ends when you do it in MY business or home or church. Your rights are not greater than my rights not to be exposed to illness or hate speech or violence just because you think it’s your right to spread them. Please grow up.

When Obama was running against McCain, I saw on tv a woman expressing to McCain how she didn’t trust Obama because she thought he was a Muslim and not a good person. McCain said the he knew Obama well, that Obama is not a Muslim and is a good man. The woman said she was still not sure about that. If you don’t believe the person who knows, the one you plan to actually vote for, or the scientist who has the facts, but believe Fox News or random people on Facebook, I am pretty sure you are beyond hope. It’s called being brainwashed, I think. Or like being in a cult, where you only believe that one leader and nothing and no one else, regardless of how bizarre what he wants you to believe actually is. It saddens me that my countrymen have fallen for this.