Serious pain, started yesterday. Am overloaded with 8 hour tylenol. Housing inspector came, I already knew her as she used to work in the housing office, and she did not faint at the cluttery disaster my place has become. Passed me, too, since everything is working just fine for once. Got the meds for Miss G, thanks to my friend who picked them up for me. It’s like flea meds, which I have never used, you put it on the back of her neck. Got the rubber gloves all ready. And my homemaker is out shopping. I am buying ingredients, because my brain thinks I will cook something. Stupid, stupid brain. It knows that never works out well, but goes on buying ingredients anyway. My brain is on holiday still, thinking is not working well at all. It’s a gray, cool day. Cool is good. That’s all the excitement for today. 🙂