We have had some. Two storms in three days, I think. Winter. Yes.

I am having canned chili with beans, seasoned more by me, over those thin saltines that come in the big green can. And Guiness Draft. Oh, yeah. Dinner. I got up at 2:30 since I cannot sleep at night for whatever weird reason my body is going with, so this is an early dinner. 🙂

Not watching anything trial-related, although it’s possible with the Fire Stick. I cannot even stay on twitter more than a scroll or two. Too disturbing to see how low our country has fallen. I cannot imagine how unbelievably corrupt the Republicans have become. If that party has not become a cult, then what would you call it? Worshiping to orange man instead of doing their duty to the country. For shame.

Signed up for CBS All-Access, free trial for 7 days. Dumped Hulu, because I realized I wasn’t really watching anything on it anymore. I thinking ditching cable was supposed to give us more opportunity to see various things, and what we got was seventy bazillion little streamers which costs just keep adding up. Like when they broke up Ma Bell. That did not turn out the way they said it would. Or Brexit. Bet those Brits are kicking themselves good for voting for that. Never believe politicians, they are only in it for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. The streamers…right??? Now there’s Discovery+, which has so much I love, but really? For now we’ll just keep paying the ridiculous cable bill and watch whatever is on.

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