The State of the World Is Not Looking Good

I see that the traitor got cleared.  There is no justice, and I believe we are finished as a country.  Rome fell, so are we.  You cannot trust anybody anymore.  There are no morals, no ethics, just greed and grasping for power.  I truly believe we have failed.  Am going to do my best not to think about it, because I have no power to change anything.  But it’s sad.

It’s a little weird funny.  My fandom is Torchwood, and Captain Jack says the twentieth century is when everything changes.  The US no longer being ‘the light of the world’, a plague ravaging the planet, climate disaster, the second rise of fascism.  The fictional captain was right.  Everything is changing, not for the better, and I am a bit glad to be at the end of my life rather than the beginning.  If I was the proper age, I don’t think I would choose to bring children into this world.  Not at this point in time. The future is not looking bright for anyone right now. Oh, fuck.