I am considering moving my blog, since I really cannot abide the new Block editor. It is confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and I can’t just do what I want or need to do with my posts without having to look up how to do whatever it is. Why fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place? Any suggestions for another host? Life is hard enough right now, without making simple things difficult on purpose. Thanks for nothing, WordPress.

2 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. Ick. I hear you, but I don’t have any ideas. A friend is on FB, not under her name, and uses it just for a couple of groups she is interested in and for messaging friends. That’s about the only idea I have.

  2. I ditched facebook and instagram. I cannot support Suckerberg in any way. I would ditch Amazon if I could figure out a better way to get the things I need. Maybe I’ll just post on Tumblr. I like Tumblr.

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