Evolutionary Dead End

“the evolutionary dead end that is homo sapien.” From a comment on a blog I read.

I like that. We are not the sharpest tacks in the box, for sure. We’ve been conditioned to think we are the top of the ladder, but in reality, we are parasites on the planet. So easily manipulated, deceived, will believe almost anything without proof. We destroy anything and everything if we think it will benefit us in the short-term, and never, ever think about the long-term consequences of what we do. I’m not sure if we are ever going to evolve into enlightened beings, or if we’ll even last long enough to try. We are self-destructing at an alarming rate, in the name of greed, profit, power. We talk about saving the planet, but it’s ourselves that need the saving. The planet will go on and flourish after we are gone. Nature will reclaim what we have destroyed. I wish I didn’t believe all of this, I wish I had faith in humanity, but I don’t. I once believed there would be a tipping point where enough of us realized what we are doing wrong and change it. After the past four years, and especially January of this year and it’s aftermath, I have come to believe we are tipping in the wrong direction and I have no idea how to fix that. It saddens me to see what we have become.


Came across an article about this tv show that I actually paid for Starz to watch. It is amazingly clever and complicated and J.K.Simmons is absolutely brilliant in it. He was already a favorite, but this just cemented that forever. If you want something to take your mind off the crap that is going on, this will do it. And since you can stream it on Prime, there is no waiting till next week for the next episode. I have found that binge-watching shows lets you notice things you might have missed when there is some time between episodes, and lets you better understand subtle plot points. I love binge-watching. 🙂 Here’s the article:

An Elegy for the Quiet Genius of Counterpart

Now I want to watch it again.