A Good Post

about food and chronic illness and being ‘normal’. Wish I was. Really, really do. Anyway:


I’ve come to realize, after being alone for four days in a row and only speaking on the phone to anybody once during that time, and just reading and not caring about anything, that being alone too much is really unhealthy for me. As soon as I begin anticipating someone actually turning up here, like my homemaker, I am all, ‘Oh, I want to…I can…I could…’. Being alone too much really sucks. I can’t even go outside without getting ‘in public’ presentable, cause my outside is the main street in the middle of down town.

It’s been really hot and icky again for several days. We had an orange alert the other day, first this summer, I think. There’s green, yellow, orange, and red, the latter of which means ‘don’t go out without a gas mask on or you will die’, I think. Yellow means I cough a lot, so orange is definitely a ‘close those windows and turn on the a/c, even if it doesn’t work well cause they won’t change the filter’ kind of day. I think I’m having grammar fail today, but I don’t care. So there.

but it’s 6pm and I don’t want to be up all night. Life is hard.

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