It. Is. All. Good

Sooo. Saw the rheumatologist nurse practitioner yesterday. Did no one ever give you cortisone shots for you knees? No one even suggested it. Ever. Had shots. Today I can do squats. Squats. Also, I was awake til 7 am and slept for four hours, after only sleeping two or three the night before. I am so hyper it is not even funny. Well, it is, kind of. Did not know cortisone shots had those side effects, insomnia and hyper hyper. 🙂 Saw the opthamologist today. Really liking him. Very laid back and confidence inspiring. Apparently I have weird eyes, to go along with the rest of weird me.

I have five more appointments this month. Doctor, rhuemy, colonoscopy, eye surgery, and one more I forget. That is 25 appointments since march 18th. I’ve gone years with one appointment, only one, not one a year, and now they are all happening at once. But it’s all good. Getting eyes fixed, teeth and gums are in good shape, can do squats, and there is colon cancer in my family, so it’s time for my ten-year test. Before Prednisone, I could not have done any of this. I have three more months before I have to taper again. Joy. Not.

not hot and stickyAlso, I was freezing the other night and had an extra blanket on the bed. The dew point is in the 40s, not the 70s, the temps are almost down to fifty at night, and in the mid 70s during the day. And today is the equinox. Did I mention that it is all good?

Viola-Davis-Emmys-2015-1 Also, again, How to Get Away With Murder is back, and I can watch it on Hulu Plus with minimal commercials. I am a happy camper. And Viola Davis WON. I have followed her for years, since Jesse Stone, I think. One of my favorite actresses. She grew up a few miles from where I live, too. Love that dress, btw.

Binged watched the new season of Longmire, and there were only ten eps up, and it ended in a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers, especially if the show is cancelled and you are left hanging. But I do love Longmire, even if it isn’t filmed in Wyoming, the dirty liars.

So, after hyper-ing out my friend Tess today, and now my dear readers (are you really out there, people?), I think I am done for right now. Enjoy the autumn. Cozy, blankets, tea, fireplaces, what’s not to love? And then comes snow. I love snow.

2 thoughts on “It. Is. All. Good

  1. The cortisone in the knees sounds like a great idea. Put it right where it’s needed. Hopefully you keep on being able to do those squats. Getting warmer here, but in a nice way. We still light the fire most evenings. I’ve done some work in the garden and there’s lots more to do. Enjoy the cooler weather!

    • And getting colder here. I love autumn. I think the shots are supposed to work for quite some time. My friend Tess had it in her shoulder about five years ago, and is still pain free. That would work for me. I still expect it every time I stand up, and it’s a bit weird when it’s not there. Not that I miss it. I’ve been over pain for years, it just hasn’t been over me.

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