Well, Hello There

I’ve been kind of busy when I haven’t been recovering from being busy. Lots of appointments this fall, and eye surgery in October. Yay. Or not.

My Nexus has frozen and won’t boot past the GOOGLE at the beginning. I had to remove the battery from my new and really slow laptop to get it to start up. I am never going to get the sim card out of my not-a-phone, unless I try to take the actual phone apart. I love it anyway, because it’s like a mini-nexus that fits into my pocket and I can have all my useful-when-I’m-out apps on it. And it has a camera. I put Dropbox on it and have the send-pictures-to-Dropbox enabled so any pics are accessible anywhere I have Dropbox, or can sign into it on someone else’s computer. I do love and highly, highly recommend Dropbox. I’ve been using it practically since it came out. I have the free version which is plenty for me, but at one time, when I was using a pc and a laptop, I had the paid version so I could mess about with more files between them.

I’m missing my cyber-friends who used to email me more, but since typing on this laptop is not my best trick (flat keyboard, ew.), I guess it’s okay. Still miss them though.

Have had the a/c on for a few days again. Yellow air days, which aren’t horrible, but seem to affect my asthma more than they used to. The sky is really yucky-looking today. Grunge-color, I have decided. At least it finally is September, so am hoping to have the windows open soon. I start to feel suffocated after a couple of days with just the a/c on. Fresh air! I need fresh air! If I had my own outdoors, it wouldn’t be so bad, cause I could just step out once in a while, but here I have to be dressed in outside clothes and presentable. No going out in my pj’s with my coffee. Nope.

I have spent years not eating beef, except steak-on-the grill cooked by my friend John once or twice a year if I’m lucky, and I had a burger from Papa Gino’s yesterday. Best burger I have ever had. Oh, my, was it good. I think I have stopped caring about all the things I used to care about. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Guess that’s all I have to ramble on about today. Not getting into the whole Trump crap, or the idiot stuff that’s going on every day, and the really stupid, stupid people who sometimes turn up on Tumblr. Just going with the flow. It’s a good thing. Yes, I stole that from Martha, and I don’t care. So!


6 thoughts on “Well, Hello There

  1. I keep falling into the ‘caring’ trap, and it’s about things I really don’t -in the big picture- have any control over, like Google/Microsoft/internet privacy and stuff like that. Stupid worries like that get me bummed out. I think I want to just stop caring some days.

    • A lot of things we read seem to be designed to make us nervous and afraid. Seriously, if you have the basics taken care of, like anti-virus program, I doubt there is anything to be afraid of. Just be careful, don’t download anything you’re not sure of, don’t click on attachments in emails unless you are absolutely positive they are from someone you know. I usually try to put something personal in the email so you’ll know. You can set your browser to delete your history every day or every time you shut it down, if you’re that nervous, but I often go back to find something in my history. Set your options to allow you to choose where to save things, so they don’t get lost. There are little things that make it easier, and like I said, if you’re careful and aren’t doing anything you shouldn’t, the spying they do do isn’t really going to harm you. I think. 🙂

  2. I sometimes use a proper keyboard with my laptop, makes typing easier. I just have the laptop propped up a bit so the screen’s not too far away. Should explore Dropbox a bit more… that was on the to-do list once upon a time…

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