What has happened to Snicker’s bars? I don’t eat candy much, and haven’t had one for several years, but recently had a fun-sized bar. Snicker’s used to have peanuts and caramel and a tiny bit of nougat, if I remember correctly. They were pushed as energy-giving snacks. Now they are over-sweet, mostly nougat, with a really, really thin layer of caramel and very few crunchy bits that I hope are peanuts. Really disgusting. Cheaper is not better, people. Especially when it’s only cheaper to maximize your profits. Like Cadbury Eggs. I read that Kraft bought them and are going to be using cheaper chocolate. Bet they won’t cost any less. Or taste the same. I don’t actually like Cadbury Eggs, but it’s the principle of the thing.. 🙂

It’s cool and a bit humid, but not hot and sticky. Maybe Autumn has beaten summer back with a gust of wind and a splash of rain. I hope I love Autumn. It’s my favorite time of year. It seems to be energizing, so I am trying to implement some sort of schedule, but it’s not easy. I can never get to sleep when I want to, so getting up at a certain time is always iffy. If I can sleep, I’m going to, even if it means I get up at 2pm, usually because I didn’t get to sleep until 10 am. This is one of the hardest parts of my life. Trying to maintain some normalcy, so I can be up when I need to be. Cannot tell you how many things I missed before I started insisting that I DON’T DO MORNINGS. Sorry, but I”m tired of trying to manage my life according to your schedule. Manage yours according to mine, which does NOT include appointments in the morning. I am the one who’s ill, after all. Yeah. But it’s Autumn, so it’s all good right now. Blue skies, puffy clouds, what’s not to love?

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