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Vampire Weekend is new to me. I like them a lot.

I have had a bad/good week. After a great weekend last weekend, the week was pretty full of pain and exhaustion, then I rallied and have had three good days in a row. Well, two good days and tonight. What’s that about. I haven’t had that many good days/nights in a row in forever. I am happily Getting Things Done. Preparing for FIOS coming between 8 and noon tomorrow. 8AM. In the morning. This is the middle of _my_ night, but they don’t seem to have afternoon appointments. Ever.

Hoping to like it better than Comcast. I am not a fan of Comcast. If they are allowed to buy Time-Warner, there will be no end to the crap they will foist upon us, and the money they will extort from us to watch…well, let’s face it, if you watch regular tv, you are paying them to let you watch commercials. I love you Hulu and Amazon. Yes. Yes I do. But if you want good internet, it’s not much cheaper to get Double Play than it is Triple Play, so may as go for the gold. This is true of Comcast and FIOS. I can cancel within 30 days without paying the WTF and exorbitant early-termination fee. How do they get away with this stuff? Oh, I know. Big corps own our government. It works for them, not people like me. Anyway….