grammar naziI like words. They are so…everywhere. And good. Came across this on The New Republic. The video on it is a bit long, but very clever, and it’s Stephen Fry. Who doesn’t love Stephen Fry? It’s all about Grammar Nazis (I need a punctuation nazi, myself), of which I am one on occasion. I recently read something on-line, where the hero had been knocked out, and then slowly regained conscientiousness. Also, I hate, hate, hate when someone uses span instead of spun. I don’t know why, but it makes me crazy. Anyway, here’s the thing:

Grammar Nazis

BTW, I am typing this on my now-working Mac. Yay! It is hard on my eyes, as everything seems so small, and I can’t figure out how to make things bigger. Not text, but everything else. Oh, well. As Gilda Radner said, “There’s always something”.